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Brokenness and Leadership

Jenifer Wolf-Williams, Ed.D., LPC-S

A bit about this blog

Jenifer Wolf-Williams, Ed.D. Leadership and M.S. Psychology                                                                             

This site's job is to publish my blog, Brokenness and Leadership.  I hope you find my thoughts useful, and I hope you'll join the conversation.

I care about the same things you do – To love and be loved.  To think clearly and feel deeply.  To find purpose, promote justice, know mercy.  Sometimes, these desires lead me in wild directions that disconnect me from my younger self.  The journey breaks me, but I cannot stop. 

I write of brokenness and wholeness, not just because I’m a trauma therapist, but because pain and resilience mark every life. 

I write of leadership, not just because it’s my doctoral field, but because everyone alive has a leadership role.  And the world needs us to fill it.

I write of social justice because brokenness and leadership come together here.  Trauma and injustice leave rejected, broken pieces in their wake.  Yet each piece is an invaluable starting place for hope and promise.